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Terry Burns

Lasalle Town Council

My Commitment to LaSalle Residents

To make LaSalle the best place in which to live, work, do business, and enjoy the good life in our country Canada.

My Vision

  • The international border crossing may affect property values, the environment and quality of life for LaSalle residents. I will press hard for routes that do not have a negative effect on us.
  • I am committed to having an organizational and facilities review to develop a management succession plan and a facilities review.
  • I am committed to developing a clear vision, with input from the residents of what kind of town we want to become in the future while ensuring the Town of LaSalle remains the best place to live, work, play and retire.


Preservation of woodlots and watersheds must remain a priority in this town. Regular, reforestation and education programs are a few of the ways we can ensure a healthy environment.

LaSalle has Expanded

Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces. The River Dance Property on Front Road is now completed and is the envy of surrounding communities.

You said:

You are concerned about your property taxes.

           My commitment:

          To work hard to get LaSalle's fair share of grant monies from upper tier government levels and to work for economic and business development to maximize our tax base and keep property taxes low.

You said:

You like the fact that you live in a safe community with excellent services such as snow removal, police and fire services, waste removal, sidewalks, trails and parks. You want to keep those services.

           My commitment:

           To represent your interests at budget sessions to ensure all our services are maintained.